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Tell us, what is there to celebrate?

Posted by Molly & Jen on

We've been looking over the last year & found this blog post from February 2019. If we wrote it today it might look a little different, but it's pretty darn apropos. Making our list of thankful fors & reasons to celebrate & holding all our friends & loved ones in the light. 

Well, Valentine’s Day came & went & we had a ton of fun helping lots of people celebrate the day of all things love & romance & chocolate. Thank you!! It was awesome!  

But then, we had a minute to catch our breath & we noticed something. A lot of people in our lives are going through some really tough stuff. How could we continue talking about celebrating life & spreading joy while our people face divorce, cancer, custody battles, loss of loved ones, heartache? 

So we didn’t do anything much for a few days. I mean, we sat in front of our computers & we did the things we had to do, like answering emails & keeping our children alive.

Doing nothing didn't help though.

And then we said, WHAT. ARE. WE. EVEN. DOING. HERE. ANYWAY?!? Yes, we questioned the meaning of life & of course, we made to-do lists. And then we said, let’s focus on whatever is leftover. Whatever the pain & hurt can't steal forever.

What are we thankful for? What brings us joy? What is there even to celebrate? 

Then, we made a list of 50 things…




Family time

Holding hands

Vintage finds

Girls’ Trips


Dark Chocolate


Strawberry Patches


Fireflies (i.e., lightening bugs)

Big Hugs


My Daughter’s smile

Singing (to the top of my lungs in the car with the windows down)

Pizza & movie night

Swimming in the Ocean



To Kill a Mockingbird

My son’s laughter




Roaring fire

Twinkling lights

God’s Love


High Heels


Coffee shops







Wishing on a star

Long Drives

Sea Turtles

Helping someone


When my hair looks good



Book Stores

Homemade Cards


Even though we wake up thankful & grateful for each new day (or at least we try to), there’s something about writing down exactly what you’re thankful for. It opens your heart. It changes you. We're able to feel joy & hope & celebrate life when we take time to recognize the many little reasons to be thankful instead of focusing on the pain & heartache & challenges. And oh my gosh, we're able to give more, to spread joy! And we all know what happens when we give more. We receive more. Let's keep this cycle going!


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