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World Water Day & BTW, Parenting is Hard

Posted by Molly on

So apparently our kids are worried. 

Well, my girl is anyway. She’s been staying up till 3 AM too often lately thinking about the future. She’s 17. 

17!! With her whole big, bright, beautiful future ahead of her! It's a little scary though. And with social media right at her fingertips allowing her glimpses of everyone’s perfect online life 24/7, dear Lord! It’s A LOT. I get it.

But her worries have recently gone beyond the scope of what my parenting skill set allows me to "fix" with any measurable success. I’m talking BIG, the world is falling apart & coming to an end catastrophic kind of worries. And yes, my instinct is to want to fix this for her. I want to address it, simplify it & move on. We've all got stuff to do. Right?! I tried that actually.

She sent me this text a few nights ago. It was still early. She was just getting started…

I responded with something like, Don’t worry. Just focus on getting some sleep & finishing your homework.

Seriously?! What was I thinking? Is it so wrong though to just want her to get to sleep at a decent hour & be able to focus on her junior year of high school?

I’m pretty sure she found me annoyingly unconscious.

Then I watched the video.

Jesus take the wheel! I need scientists & doctors & ministers & politicians & Nobel Peace Prize winners to step in here.

I pulled out the Mr. Rogers quote about looking for the helpers. While it is soooo true, you really don’t have to look far to find incredible people doing incredible things. That quote alone wasn’t enough for her without some evidence. She doesn’t work that way.

She’s a conscientious, passionate, fired up human being. Come to think of it, her friends are too. So I’m going to take a leap & say our young people today are a thoughtful & conscientious bunch. They care. This generation is really worried about the state of things. Our planet, our people & I mean ALL people.

So I did what good parents do & I went to the Internet for help. I found articles & I texted them to her. You know, evidence by the scientists & doctors & ministers & politicians & Nobel Peace Prize winners.

I asked her to have faith & give her worries to God when the burden is too heavy to bear, when she can’t take it anymore.

That’s when she got fired up, again.

She said, MOM, God gave us this planet. God allows us to make choices. God wants us to use our knowledge & gifts to take care of each other & the planet.

She’s right. It’s on us, with God’s help.

And I’ll keep looking for the helpers & sharing them with my girl.

So today, in honor of World Water Day, I’d like to share with you (& remind my girl) & give a HUGE shout out to our friend, James Wilde & the organization he started, Global H2O, which has built over 100 wells and 20 latrines in Central Africa providing clean water to over 200,000 people. 200,0000 & counting!! Their work is changing lives & giving hope, dignity, well-being & safety to future generations.

Now, I hope she can get to bed before 3AM.

Happy World Water Day!

For the next month 15% of sales will go to this incredible organization when you use the code GOBALH2O


World Water Day & BTW, Parenting is Hard

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