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Here Comes May, Mamas!

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We hear you mamas! Us Moms at Bloomatini are right there with you staring May down in our pretty planners thinking bring it on, i.e. oh, sh*&! It’s right around the corner & our calendars are full!! 

May is one of the busiest school months of the year & some days it feels like too much (but in the most awesome way). I mean we have Mother’s Day & Teacher Appreciation Week & prom & graduation (OMG!) & end of year parties & celebrations & athletic awards & recognition & promotion ceremonies & end of year concerts & dance performances & yardwork & pollen & work-work & regular life & I want to enjoy EVERY LAST MINUTE of it, but it always seems like a race I haven’t prepared for. Like the time my husband thought he could run a half marathon without training for it. 

Oh, yes he did! 

We got to the starting line and he looked around very hopeful & encouraged by what he saw. Men & women of all shapes & sizes & ages & he thought, if they can do it, I can too! He's an optimistic guy. But what he didn’t see was their training schedules—the time & attention to detail they had put in before they moseyed up to that starting line at the crack of dawn. Oh, he made it to the end, but let’s just say it wasn’t a personal best ;-) And there was pain & suffering involved for many days after. 

Sooooo, today I’m taking some time to plan. This year is a big end of year for us with lots of firsts & lasts & big accomplishments & amazing people to celebrate & remember. I want to celebrate BIG & LIVE IN JOY in every moment instead of dragging myself to the finish line. Let’s get started! 

I'm checking Mother's Day off my list today & sending our Flower Garden for Mom Blooms! (remember you can go ahead and purchase today and ship to arrive by Mother's Day) They're gorgeous & whimsical & they're sure to spread joy! 


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